If They're Square, Which MMRCA Finalist Makes More Political Sense?

If the commercial bids in the MMRCA are as close as reports suggest, and if it comes down to a political call (after all that!), which aircraft/nation(s) offer the better political package? If it boils down to a decision overtly based on strategic/political benefits (and few have had doubts that it would), then it would go against the MoD's strenuous insistence all along that the winning aircraft would be chosen strictly on its merits, and politics would have no hand. Either way, as the MoD sits down to crunch numbers and zero in on a lowest bidder, it's worth considering which aircraft -- the Typhoon or the Rafale -- makes more political sense for India. Will be posting more on this shortly. Meanwhile, I'd love to know what you think. There's a poll below for you to vote, but more importantly, comment with your thoughts -- serious ones please!

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