Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Indian Forces Set For Big, Mean Wargame

One of India's largest military wargames, Exercise Sudarshan Shakti, begins. Tanks and fighter aircraft will manoeuvres over India's desert sector near the Pakistan border. Approximately 50,000 troops along with T-90, T-72, Arjun tanks and BMPs will carry out simulated assaults on their objectives with artillery and IAF providing the support. According to an Army statement today, "This exercise will be a trendsetter for the Integrated Theatre Concept. The transformation of the force is at making the Army a more agile, versatile, lethal and networked force. In this exercise, we will be trying out new structures, strategies, and test beds of an integrated, seamless air-land battle."

Photos / DPR Defence & Indian Army


Gautam said...

Sad to say, compare this to pics of Western, Russian or even Chinese excercises and it'll strike you how obsolete the Indian Army's gear is.

By rights those old BMP-1 and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles should have been retired by now.

But like everything else, that bald Commie AK Antony and his Congressi Defence Ministry has been lethargically slow with the FICV(Future Infantry Combat Vehicle) programme.

Likewise the acquisition of new Hummvee-style Light Assault Vehicles(i.e. combat jeeps) has also been also forgotten for years.

Note that the soldiers aren't even wearing modern desert camo uniforms or bulletproof vests.

Mr. Ra said...


It is going to be a special trial at least for Arjun and T-90.

Anonymous said...

Hey Shiv, can you sneak in some pics of Arjun involved in the combat exercise especially with it's main gun booming ? that would be of use huge psy-ops value

Vatsal said...

I have a query.
What is that cylindrical container behind the tanks engine?
(I heard it contains measurement rods, which are used to measure depth of water channel before fording, can anyone confirm it?)

Anonymous said...

Photo # 7 is *perfect* for a caption competition! :)

Prahaar said...

@Gautam, please have mercy and make sensible comments.

Anonymous said...

Gautam - Gear or no gear, IA has to fight, therefore it has to prepare with what it has. It is not Army's fault that it is working with obsolete equipment - It is our fault, 'We the Citizen of India'- for allowing such non competent thugs ruling over us for 60 years and they will still rule...because they know that Indian democracy is for sale and they know that they can buy it everyday, every hour.

Anirudh said...


Oh please,this comment of yours is very amateur.

Army is equipped as good as the Americans or the Russians or the Chinks...

you say the BMP-2 should be retired....well then tell the Americans to retire their M2 Bradleys...they are as old as the BMP-2.

Anirudh said...

@Gautam...The gear isn't obsolete but yes if the government doesn't fast track defence procurements then it will become obsolete...

We have modern tanks,modern IFV's..APC's...Small arms,Air defence Guns.....the only problem area are Field Artillery....even though the IA has a good arty inventory,it needs modern arty guns and fast...

Gautam said...

To Prahaar and Anirudh,

'What you want to hear to make yourselves feel good' does not equal 'sensible' or 'professional', rather the opposite.

Learn to accept bitter truths or you'll spend the rest of your lives doing the 'See no evil(truth), hear no evil(truth), speak no evil(truth) monkey act like the 3 statues covering their eyes, ears and mouth.

Even compared to other Asian armies like Singapore and South Korea the Indian Army is using obsolete equipment that has been due for replacement for years. Sure, they will manage, but that doesn't mean they HAVE to.

Gautam said...

BTW the American Bradleys have been upgraded a dozen times over since they were inducted. Not so with the Indian BMPs.

Anonymous said...

@Prahar and Anirudh
How dare you try and infringe on Gautam's right to be stupid!!

Uditt said...

Hey Gautam...
I am totally with you dude...be as amateurish as you want!:)

Anonymous said...


That cylindrical "container" which you refer to is actually a wooden log.Comes of use when the BMP gets stuck in a very muddy, marshy pit. All BMPs essentially carry the log.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gautam, I stand by you. But please tell to all of us and our Thugs (Indian Government and Bureaucrats) what to do in this case.

Anonymous said...

Our Army continuously requesting for the artillery guns since 1985 and there is no hearing of it.

Our great R&D hub, is now saying that they will develop artillery indigenously. Please forcibly snatch the project away from this stupid and lazy organization.

Gautam said...

Anon @ 1:30PM,

To the dishonest the ways of honest and straighforward people must seem foolish. I agree, I will continue to be 'foolish' in stating the bitter truth to you half-blind, half-deaf career bootlickers.

Gautam said...

BTW if you google 'Russian army rejects BMP-3' and 'Russian Army buy IFV from Italy' you'll see how useful the BMPs are. Even the newest version(BMP-3) has been rejected as under-armoured by the Russian Army which is seeking to purchase foreign armoured vehicles now.

Anonymous said...

why cant we upgrade bmps
Cant inida buy BTR or they even can update BMP with a revolving turrent!!!
These lazy people dont do anything

Anonymous said...

@ Gautam........total lies. Russia has 600+ BMP3 machines (check wiki), plus they are in service in several other countries. Russia has not rejected BMP3, in fact it a quite capable machine

Anonymous said...

The relevance of BMP2 and Infantry Combat Vehicles (ICVs) ultimately depends on Tactics and the role the class of BMPs are used in.Some armies have tried to use ICVs almost as tanks,trying to load them with heavy armour and weaponry. Actual combat experience have found that ICVs,made increasingly heavy with armour or heavier weapons come at the cost of mobility.
The Bradleys M2 of USA have had a mixed experience,while having protected crew they were at times more vulnerable to RPGs etc due to mobility.You can only load that much of armour on an ICV,if you reduce infantry to load up more protection then it loses its basic role.That is why highly mobile lighter Strykers are the preferred troop movers of US in combat now. The fact realized is that an ICV is not a tank or a weapon best used to rush a well defended position.That is a role best left to MBTs and air-power.

The ICV is well suited as a vehicle to carry infantry under reasonable protection and then offer them fire support and defense while they dismount and fight.It is in this light that the BMP has to be seen.
Of-course the BMP has its limitations,has lower than ideal protection and some other issues. But to call it as useless or totally in-effective would be overstating it.Mere looks of what others armies have,particularly those will almost nil combat experience is also not a valid comparison.
The BPMs are what the Army has and it is not practical nor possible to immediately replace such a large number.
Designs may get old but an old design does NOT mean an old or aged weapon.The USMC has started using Vietnam era M14 rifles for designated marksman duties as they were found ideal for the job despite many jazzed up 'latest' rifles available. We should remember that even a .303 WW2 cartridge actually is many times more powerful than a 5.56mm round of today.

The BMPs may be old by design,but they are new in manufacture as they are continually being built by OFB Medak.

Used properly and in its designated role,the BMP with its low profile is a good weapon.The BMPs will very vulnerable in an urban set up infested by RPGs and IEDs at every corner,but so will many other vehicles in a similar environment.
In the mixed open terrain scenario of say the plains and deserts on India -Pak western front the BMP can be used most effectively.
There is now a BMP-IIK version with better night vision,missiles and equipment.

There is now a move to get the engine upgraded with a more powerful one.

The BMP2 Turret DOES swivel or REVOLVE
The tube,I am nor sure since BMP is supposed to be amphibious, looks like a snorkel tube used in deep fording.


Gautam said...

Anon @ 6:09AM

Read this and weep. The BMPs are old and under-armoured and the ones in Russian Army service today were mostly inducted in the 80s or 90s. The Defence Ministry of Russia is clearly dissatisfied with them.


"We very much need to protect our soldiers. Today everyone rides on top of the BMP because no one wants to ride in this ‘coffin.’ We need to make a different vehicle."


"In addition, Russia is in talks with Italy on the purchase of up to 1,000 armored vehicles. As it was reported a year ago the Russian military would like to buy up to 1,000 IVECO M65 Light Multirole Vehicles that have been used in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Italian missions abroad, where they have performed admirably."

Anonymous said...


Chill. Yes the army has some obsolete equipment in terms of tanks, APCs etc. - but that is not the real problem.

The REAL problem is that the individual soldier/jawan is extremely poorly equipped - whether it be lack of bullet proof vest, decent assault rifle, communication gear etc. That is the real problem.

The jawan bears the brunt of this -and is the one most dying (literally) for an upgrade.

Yet the jawan soldiers on - I can only salute them for it.

But it makes my heart weep.


nav said...

guys are you ppl aware of the eqpt with the army aviation, Chetak hepters have had their golden jubilee and awaiting diamond jubilee in the future. any thoughts about this pls share......its pretty serious?