Friday, December 16, 2011

1971 War Official Film On The Battle Of Basantar

Courtesy Indian Army


Manish Kumar said...

Hey Shiv, it is well past 15 Dec any commnication regarding MMRCA. The fast devaluating Rupee has opened a new scenario just leaving enough gap to Gripen and Mig 35 to claw back in the fray. Because the either the Rafale or the EF will make a big hole in the exchequers pocket and our economy will have to take the brunt. Paying a whopping amount on these aircraft will affect the procurement of other arms deals specially for the Army and the Navy. More so because our LCA is getting more delays and IAF is desparate to fill in the rapidly dwindling numbers. Doesent it makes sense to buy 50 odd Gripens/MIGs straightaway in a timespan of 2 - 3 years and rest by licensed production so that the bill does not exceed 10 billion. Also keep in mind the Chinese equation.

Manish Kumar
Dainik Hindustan

Anonymous said...

A big salute fro my heart to Arun and other soldiers

Anonymous said...

Jai Hind ! They should screen this movie in a joint session of parliament in the hope that this might trigger a change of heart in the black souls of our corrupt political class.

Ace said...

Thanks for posting this. How can I get a copy of this video? Are there more such videos?


Mandar said...

Hello Shiv,
I do not have words to explain how I feel after seeing this movie. From where we can get such movies? I want more and more youngsters to see these. Please support.

vijayraj lashkari said...

jaihind sir,

many of youngsters inspire like this

vijayraj lashkari said...

jai hind sir,

i have no word to say,

thanks to post like this

thanks agian

Vaneesh Ladia said...

We have a group on Arun Khetarpal on facebook with 750 members to salute the bravery of all those who took part in the Battle of Basantar.