Coming up... The Arjun In Action

Just got back from a day in the desert sector of Western India where the Army and IAF are in the midst of Exercise Sudarshan Shakti a strike corps war game validating fresh theatre offensive concepts. Will start the day's posts with something a lot of folks have been waiting for (and pestering me on e-mail about!): the Arjun MBT, deployed with a tank regiment under the 21 Corps. A pair of Arjuns appeared to one far side during the demo that we caught. Thankfully, I caught them just as they were rumbling off. I sprinted to them to snap off a few photos -- I don't think anyone's seen the Arjun like this before! Also spoke with a handful of armoured officers in the corps about what they're doing with the Arjun. I'll try hitting that post at 10AM. Stay tuned.

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