Friday, December 02, 2011

Erroneous Photos

There seems to have been an error with photos supplied by the MoD on Exercise Sudarshan Shakti. It has been brought to my notice that these photos were not from the current exercise but from the a previous one that was conducted at least two years ago. I am not certain which photos are not from the current exercise and therefore am taking the whole post down. Will post new photos when I get them. Thanks to those who brought this to my notice. Appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

MOD is truly world class when looking from the PR angle. When are they going to get it?

Manu said...

It doesn't matter. I saw them for the first time. Thanks for sharing them. Looking forward for this year's Sudarshan Shakti Ex pics.


Anonymous said...

well make sure you get the highest res pictures and put all of them up for us to view.