Magazine Apologizes To Livefist For Plagiarism

I am happy to announce that Geopolitics magazine, which had lifted original work and photographs from Livefist (without credit and passed off ostensibly as its own), has regretted the acts of plagiarism in a gracious full-page apology (above) to me by the magazine's editor-in-chief K. Srinivasan in the magazine's latest December 2011 edition. My effort to obtain credit had turned into an increasingly sour exchange between myself and the magazine's editor Prakash Nanda. However, fair play and better sense has clearly prevailed and the magazine's full-page apology, pictured above, speaks for itself. The magazine has also said it will be taking a re-look at its processes: highly welcome at a time when intellectual property gains credence in the country.

I should say at the end, that the only thing I asked for (as is clear from the e-mails I have reprinted in my post linked above) was full credit. With the issue now reaching a dignified conclusion, I'm happy to say that I accept Geopolitics' apology and am treating the matter as closed.

I'd like to thank all those who showed generous support to my effort to get due credit. Really, folks, thanks!

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