5 Years Of Livefist!

Doesn't feel like it, but it's been five years on the blog today! I remember starting Livefist on the evening of 12 January 2007, sipping on cheap whiskey at the studio apartment I lived in at the time in South Delhi, contemplating existence and an offer to move from the newspaper I was with at the time to a television station (I did, two months later). I'd started this milblog as a place to bung defence stories I couldn't bung on air (I'd been warned my hands would be full on TV). But in five years, I think I can say Livefist turned out okay; the damn thing sort of has its space, yes? And I have all of you readers to thank. The encouragement I've received from you folks over the years (on email everyday, through the phone, and on at least three memorable occasions, in person) has been a supreme source of energy. So, wherever you are -- and if it's legal/unblasphemous -- do knock one back on me.

This year is going to be an exciting one, and I plan to experiment a bit more with the blog. I'll let you know all about it once things are in place. Meanwhile, as always, stay tuned and have the best year possible! -- Shiv