Dassault Holds Peace On MMRCA Rumours

Dassault hasn't reacted officially to reports suggesting that the Eurofighter has emerged the lowest bidder in the final arithmetic of the M-MRCA fighter competition, and is unlikely to do so. I'm trying to get word on what they think and if they've heard anything, but it's unlikely they'll say much. Meanwhile, rumours continue to swirl. Oh, and does anyone have the 2012 Dassault calendar (that's Miss February above, the bubble's mine of course) -- it's among the best mil calendars I've seen so far. Have to get my hands on one.

The Mint report also said that Dassault and EADS Cassidian representatives had been called for a meeting scheduled for this evening. Will keep tabs. Could this be the end? (Don't) hold your breath.

Rafale Art / Romain Hugault

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