Friday, March 09, 2012

16 Months Later, New Tejas Airframe Ready To Fly

Photo Courtesy M Anantha Krishnan
No new Tejas airframe has flown since November 2010 flight of the LSP-5 (the LSP-6 is a special airframe to achieve envelope expansion). Now, with final ground tests nearing completion, the airframe is finally ready for its first flight. The LSP-7 and LSP-8 have been earmarked for user trials by the Indian Air Force, and will be the final two limited series production aircraft. They will be followed by series production (SP-1, 2 etc) aircraft.


Anonymous said...

What is so special about this Airfrme?

captainjohann said...

Great news

Ramu said...

Where is the auxillary air intake gone? some significant airframe changes can be spotted from outside.

Anonymous said...

Hello ShivJi,

Can you please enlighten to all of us bloggers, what is so special about this new air frame of the Tejas?

Anonymous said...

after a short 25 minute flight


LCA programme will definitely SUCCEED

I have ALWAYS been a big SUPPORTER

Hari said...

I have never seen a more sadder looking fighter in my life. Is this the flight that took 16 months??? somebody save this country...

Anonymous said...

@Hari-I haven't seen more sadder person than you.

Anonymous said...

we all know about HAL record in maintenance...hope they will do the same thing with tejas..
some dumbos with panparag might spit inside the engine that will make it crash..

one tejas crash...will keep the program on hold for another 100 years.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:30 pm: Dream on Taxpayer, in 100 years there wont be any Pakistan. What would the Tax payers of Pakistan do then? Go figure that... btw the Just Fattu 17 Bandar has already crashed once late last year killing the poor pilot, worry about your own planes and ur own country dude..

Go Tejas go!!!

The True Indian Tax Payer!

Anonymous said...

Bhailog ,

Paint bhi nahin kara. Any way congrats . What does this exactly mean ? Should be VLSP

Hari said...

@ Anon 8:29 PM you havent seen me. so please refrain from making senseless personal comments you moron... and BTW do you have a name you sorry ass or u just anonymous.

Anonymous said...

@12:52 PM

It is a lightweight 4.5 generation air craft with LO characteristics featuring advanced composites and Levcons similar to the FGFA, completely designed and engineered in India by Indians.

There are some people who hate to see Indians building our own aircraft instead of putting money into the pockets of Russian and French arms dealers. So they will defame and malign the scientists and engineers at HAL at every opportunity even though the LCA is stealthier and more modern than both the Cold War era Rafale and Su-30MKI.

Alok said...

@ Hari, why b negative on successful flight. There are many things in our country in far worse shape. LCA is getting close to the finish line, it is much much better than the sorry Mig-21s that our brave pilots have to fly. We also build vital tech for future LCA MK-II/AMCA enhancements with the initial LCA

purush said...

east or west
india is the best
tejas is also the best
god bless u tejas
guard the country with proud
kick on those asses which are critising at you now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

mera bharath mahan