Friday, March 23, 2012

Blacklisted By India, Rheinmetall AD Rejects Allegations

Just received this statement from Rheinmetall Air Defence AG, one of six companies recently blacklisted by the Indian government from doing any business with the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB):

Rheinmetall Air Defence AG of Switzerland (RAD) objects to the decision of the Indian Ministry of Defence announced on 5 March 2012 to exclude it from doing business with India’s Ordnance Factory Board (OFB). This decision was based on allegations against RAD which the company categorically rejects as false and as entirely without merit. The Indian authorities have yet to inform RAD of the details of these allegations. Transparency with regard to investigations would enable RAD to put forward conclusive evidence that will refute all claims made against it. RAD is keen to cooperate with India’s authorities and to assist in any investigation related to the company. RAD insists that its employees have invariably behaved in a correct, law-abiding manner. The company has made this clear to the Indian authorities in meetings, in which RAD underpinned its position with comprehensive documentation. Just as they are in every other country in the world, RAD employees in India are subject to the company’s stringent compliance regulations and have adhered to them. A mutually beneficial, trustful relationship with Indian government authorities and armed forces continues to be very important for the company. RAD will therefore do everything in its power to prove these allegations wrong. In the meanwhile, RAD remains committed to a close dialogue with the Indian authorities.


Anonymous said...

They probably got into trouble because they did not bribe all the babus.

Someone might have been jealous.

Babu: "Give my son admission in swiss university."

"Give offset order to company where my daughter works."

"Give me 5star hotel accommodation and foreign trip for my family."

"Buy my cousins land for 20 times the market price."

"Get me some girls."

Anonymous said...

And babus soon going to be kicked in their butt.

Anonymous said... private company has ever tried to bribe to get ahead of others....they are all innocent do gooders!!!...

Anonymous said...

The global arms industry should blacklist India.

Anonymous said...

rather than black listing and announcing it openly why didn't the govt silently asking the MOD and OFB not to deal with the companies/ send tenders / RFP to those companies? Mission accomplished implicitly, is the Indian Gov behaving like a cheap Indian News Paper/ Bollywood actors for filthy publicity?

Anonymous said...

Also I read some where why scorpene submarines are getting delayed?

Its just due to the difficulty in absorbing the tech at once and also building infrastructure. even if indian hackers do get the tech through illegal means from france, we Indians might take some decades in understanding and doing things and by that time this technology might become obsolete.

the terminator said...

Banning and blacklisting major arms manufacturers have become a common thing at the hint of any monetary scandal where any loser has to only allege some hanky-panky.

Allegations in written form where the whistle blower gives his bona fide credentials should be thoroughly investigated and if he is found to have ulterior motive and malicious intent, the GOI should come down hard on him to deter others from creating scandals.

Only if and when an arms purchase is found to have shady and illegal aspects, the defence supplier should be blacklisted.

Blacklisting foreign companies at the hint of a scandal is a sure way of shooting ones foot and such actions won't clear the babus of their inherent greed for a quick buck.

What I would like to know is how many banus and middle-men have been charged for corrupt practices in arms purchases and how many of these miscreants are languishing in the slammer.

Let us the MOD clean its house first before pointing fingers at foreigners.

It takes two hands to clap. Foreign companies alone cannot be charged for corrupt practices when the babus are ever ready to open corrupt negotiations.

Improper and hasty blacklisting of companies supplying critical arms equipment will only hurt our armed forces.

Anonymous said...

DRDO should be the first firm to be blacklisted.

Anonymous said...

DRDO should be blacklisted first.

Anonymous said...

this is sweet. we can tie this deal with the black money in swiss banks that we are trying to bring back.let the swiss release the details of indian account holders & help us with investigation.then they can have this deal. we must play hard ball with all goras. the age of colonialism is over but when are our babus and politicians gonna wake up. still waiting to get approval from the white man

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful opportunity and some smart , wise and responsible decision to give 155 mm guns to bharat forge , we would be self sufficient to guns and take my word we would be the leaders.It was stupid decision not to allow L & T to make P 75 submarines as private sector is more efficient and have accountability and free of reserve quota work force which is a huge liability. Had kaveri engine project been with some private company it would have attained 100 plus KN power by now.I dont think it is a matter of pride but a concern and shame to be largest arms importer.