BrahMos Considers All-New AShM For MiG-29K & MMRCA

BrahMos Corp. is looking to develop a new anti-ship missile with a smaller diameter and lighter weight than the present BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The proposal, tentatively called BrahMos-3, is aimed at putting together a  potent anti-ship/anti-surface missile for the Indian Navy's MiG-29K and IAF MMRCA.

Revealing plans for the BrahMos-3 today at Defexpo, BrahMos CEO Dr A. Sivathanu Pillai said the first test-firing of a BrahMos from a modified Su-30MKI (modifications by HAL) would take place by early next year.

The BrahMos-2, a concept scramjet-based hypersonic version of the missile has begun development, and the programme aims at a first test in five years, Dr Pillai says. The long-awaited underwater-launched version of the BrahMos is expected to undergo its first test within 2012, and is understood to be ready in all respects.

The BrahMos recently conducted two successful tests of the army land attack variant of the missile, in which it performed supersonic steep dives in both tests.

Image / BrahMos

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