Thursday, March 29, 2012

DEFEXPO: India's MUNTRA Unmanned Tracked Ground Vehicle

Photos / Shiv Aroor


Anonymous said...

Is that a modified BMP 2 chasis

Anonymous said...

Is that Mantra or Muntra?

The hindi letters seem to suggest Mantra.. looks like there is a translation problem :)

By the way what does Muntra mean??

A blog by Neeraj Soman said...

*Yawn* - i've seen the Mythbusters on TV put servos into cars and tanks to make them remotely controllable within a couple of days. Big deal. This isn't even a modified chassis - it's a straight out BMP2.

Jay said...

@ A blog by Neeraj Soman
This is not just any remotely controllable vehicle. The SICK LIDAR and the $75k USD Velodyne HDL-64E sensor you see on top of the vehicle enable it to get a full 360 degree scan of the environment around it upto a distance of 100 metres in all-weather environments. These were the very sensors used on the DARPA Grand Challenge robots that crossed 100s of miles of desert without any human intervention and subsequently on Google's self driving car. If DRDO is able to get the software right, this BMP should be able to drive itself with minimal human intervention & operator assistance only required to push the final button that fires a weapon. Imagine a fleet of unmanned tanks or BMPs with the capability to inflict punishing damage on the enemy under cover of complete darkness without any risk to human life on your side. It would completely demoralise an enemy without similar technology of its own.