Friday, March 23, 2012

Indian SAM-3s Smash Pak F-16s. In Film.

This animation by Anurag Rana depicting PAF F-16s being intercepted by Indian SAM-3 Pechoras is part of a larger upcoming film by Wing Commander R.S. Chauhan.

Animation / Anurag Rana


Anonymous said...

Flying Maruti to launch SAM-3 interceptor missiles.

The flying car will launch these missiles in case Pakistan f16s violate Indian airspace.

The Kaveri engine will be used to power the flying car, being developed by a private entrepreneur in Bangalore.

It is being designed to run on a mix of LPG and petrol.

The single engine vehicle will feature the kaveri engine working on the tornado principle.

Test flights are being carried out at Jakkur aerodrome.

Last year r k singh allotted free space for the flying maruti at aero india.

The airframe of the car is also being modified to carry brahmos payload. For areal+ground launch capability.


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hotgene said...

Hay Anurag/Shiv, can you make the same with Akash? Also F-26 vs Rafel would be encouraging.

hotgene said...

Hay Shiv,

Forgot to ask, how our Arjun is performing against US tanks? Any feeds on Youdh Abhyas?

Anonymous said...

concept borrows heavily from the typhoon ad film, but reasonably well done animation.

Anonymous said...

LOL, In real battlefield the reverse thing would occur.

Anonymous said...

TITLE OF THIS VIDEO-Chuha mar key hat ganda karna

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain why the F16 would show a huge RCS to a radar guided missile by banking away from it and presenting a tail-view instead of turning head on, which if I'm not mistaken would present the smallest possible radar signature?

Or am I missing the point of the video? Is it just an animation for the creators portfolio?

Avinash said...

Looks kind of neat... nice work Anurag!

Anonymous said...

I like the animation. Can you just add some last-minute desperate moves by the F-16 to dodge off the missile. Also have a Ashok Chakra on the missile and moon and star marking on the plane tail. Also show a bearded Wahhabi pilot in the plane.

Ayan said...

When will the entire film be released????

chomskyist said...

If Vintage SA-3's are our frontline air defense systems, it says something about the pathetic state of our aerial defenses

Anonymous said...

rhymes with

chomskyist said...

Think VK singh missed this video, "97% of our air defenses defunct" .. haaaaahaaaa