Sunday, March 04, 2012

Pilots Who Bailed From Mirage Recovering Well

Air Mshl Anil Chopra & Wg Cdr Ram Kumar
Got this nice picture of Air Marshal Anil Chopra (Air Officer - Personnel) and Wing Commander Ram Kumar (CO, 1 Squadron Tigers) at Delhi's R&R hospital where they are recovering well after they ejected from a Mirage 2000 on Feb 25 over Bhind. Air Marshal Chopra, the seniormost Indian pilot to punch out from a jet suffered injuries to his arm and knee but is recovering well. Here's wishing both pilots a speedy recovery and return to action. Godspeed.


Aaditya said...

I was there @ the SSR International Airport in Mauritius, when an IAF Mirage 2000 (KF-119) had made a crash landing as the pilot had forgotten to lower his undercarriage.

The pilot was squadron leader Ram Kumar.

Quite remarkable he made it as CO after that incident. He must be a very good fighter pilot indeed.

Anonymous said...

long live the pilots

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the jets guys, it was insured.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:06PM
Human life is more valuable then the jets. The jets can be made and purchased skilled pilots cannot be brought back from the dead.

Anonymous said...

Its high time the IAF retires ageing jets like MiGs and Mirages and starts inducting Tejas and Rafales.

That'll be good for the pilots and good for national security.

Anonymous said...

Look at those shameless smiles. Ram Kumar has crashed 2 Mirage 2000 aircraft, a feat i am sure he shares with a very very few select "top guns".

Pilots from other air forces take smiling photos when they shoot down enemy aircraft. In IAF, they do this when they bring down their own aircraft.

Who the hell needs war, IAF does better a better job of aircraft attrition at peacetime.


Anonymous said...

Is the AM required to fly or maintain proficiency on type at his presnt rank ? Or is he getting a high at the expense of tax payers money ? Insurance or no Insurance will Dassault give a replacement for the crashed airframe ?

Anonymous said...

Can we also call Mirage 2000 Flying Coffin?

Anonymous said...

you can call in flying coffin or gleebing blooga or whatever you choose

Rituraj said...

Shiv can you confirm some comments here, which say Mr Ram kumar has crashed 2 mirage 2000 planes?