Agni-V, India's Longest Range Missile Debuts Today

India's longest-range strategic missile, the Agni-V, is scheduled for its first test today. With all systems ready, sources reveal a test may take place at dusk today from Wheeler Island, off India's eastern peninsular seaboard. The  missile, with a range in excess of 5,500-km, is the first Indian missile that has the capability to deliver a nuclear warhead out to any part of China. The Agni-V test comes shortly after the 3,500-km Agni-III was inducted into operational service with the country's Strategic Forces Command, and the testing of the Agni-IV.

Here's wishing the Agni team a successful test!

UPDATE @ 18.22: My sources tell me the Agni-V won't be launched today as a result of bad weather and an intensifying thunderstorm approaching over the Bay of Bengal. This is yet to be officially confirmed, but my sources say the decision has been taken.

UPDATE @ 20.03: Confirmed. Agni-V test postponed to tomorrow morning.

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