Wednesday, April 04, 2012

PHOTOS: INS Chakra Joins Indian Navy

Photos / Shiv Aroor


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deb g said...

Initially there was a report that along with admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier, Indian Navy was going to lease 2 Akula-II Class SSNs. Why only one now when INS Arihant surely will not be as good as Akula-2 or Virginia or Astute or Chinese SSNs?
Although for training purpose only, 2 Akulas , one each in Arabian sea and Indian ocean-Bay of Bengal could have been a great detterent against both Pakis and Chinis...

Anonymous said...

Hey Shiv,
Hope you enjoyed your stay at my home city. Any ways just out of curiosity, the closed dock behind where INS chakra was stationed was where INS Arihant should supposed to be stationed and the place opposite to where you stand is the SBC where the subs are being built...i mean any idea of where Arihant is presently

Prudhvi Raj