With IMI Blacklisted, Hurdles For MBT Arjun Mk.2?

Arjun MBT at Defexpo 2012 | Photo: Shiv Aroor
Before it was blacklisted last month, Israeli Military Industries (IMI) was steeped in a complex consultancy for the indigenous Arjun Mk.2 battle tank, a platform the DRDO is depending on for more solid orders from the Indian Army. IMI, which was one of six firms barred from business with the Indian MoD last month, was, along with compatriot firm Elbit, providing all manner of assistance to the Combat Vehicles R&D Establishment (CVRDE) to ready the improved Arjun Mk.2 for user trials in June this year.

The firm had been helping improve the overall design of the tank, specifically its turret and hull for more accurate and reliable firepower. Crucially, the firm was also helping the programme team optimise fuel consumption and mobility by bringing down overall weight. Finally, it was to provide assistance in optimising production line processes at the OFB's Heavy Vehicles Factory (It was an OFB related issue that led to the firm being blacklisted along with five others).

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