Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gaffes-a-Plenty On LCA Tejas

Strange how the establishment belts out embarrassing gaffes on the LCA Tejas at a time when it is seriously floundering. First, DRDO chief VK Saraswat went and embarrassed himself by stating recently that the LCA Tejas was to be inducted into the Indian Air Force this year. Now, the UPA government's report to the people on its achievements says that the "induction of the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas in the Indian Air Force" was a "major milestone during the year" (see Times of India report, left). Better still, the report mentions this phantom milestone alongside such actual ones as the testing of Agni-V and Agni-IV. Now, here's the thing: data for these reports is invited from each government department, and you can be sure that this is a paragraph provided to the Prime Minister's Office by the DRDO itself. I'm just wondering what they think they're doing, and whether they still believe we're all a bunch of idiots. If the LCA Tejas programme is having trouble and is still on course, why muddy it further by patent falsehoods? I'm sorry,  this is plain embarrassing, and it's a lesson the DRDO never learns.


Anonymous said...

Shame on indian politics...

Anonymous said...

What a sad state of this country, this country is run by dogs....

Shame on everyone to allow such people rulling us..



Anonymous said...

I think its equal-equal only :D

Rajat Pandit deliberately lies about the LCA and its "30 years in the making" and the implied incompetence. DRDO comes and claims "Mission Accomplished" a few years too early.

For readers wondering what halftruths are, here is a simple example of what a malevolent half truth is:

Saying that Tom was late in getting the cricket kit to the ground so the whole class had to forego the match. Thus painting Tom as the villain while conveniently forgetting to mention that Tom was late as he was talking to the principal and persuaded him to extend all cricket sessions by another hour to give more time to finish matches. And let us not even get into the aspect of poor Tom having to carry 4 cricket bats, 6 stumps, 3 sets of pads and gloves, 2 leather balls, wicket keeping gloves, three helmets and a jug of water, while the rest of the class stood in the field saying they would like blue jerseys as well.

Between malevolent half truths of Rajat Pandit and the harmless exaggeration of DRDO, I'd be more "okay" with the DRDO slip of judgement.

Pink said...

Far from aam junta being taken for a ride, it proves once more that the babus are a bunch of morons.
You can bet that the babus can't differentiate between an LCA and a Boeing 747 or between an Agni missile and a mortar.
VK Saraswat, though highly knowledgeable, is just like all the rest of the sarkari babus - media averse to a high degree.
Unfortunately there is NO course in India where these babus who have to always talk in front of the media, can be educated in the art of media management, or public speaking for that matter.
Everyone seems to be regurgitating the mish-mash kichdi that is in their minds.

Reflects very poorly on our work culture and seriousness about projecting a good image of the functioning of the Gobernment, I say.

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is this article even there, the only relevant part of the article is the goof up by the government in declaring it operational.

Rest why are we still referring to the 1983 sanction and the cost of 530 crore , does someone think it's even realistic.

And what does one mean by says IAF thinks it's not even 4th generation, so the mig 21's are better is what is being said and we extend it's life further, And what about IAF's responsibility on not owning the program until recently, at least a journalist should make some sense when writing the article isn't it.What alternatives are we proposing.

The article should have been just a two liner. Rest is un-researched and things people know of but don't help in making or contributing for better.

Anonymous said...

this is just because the government is floundering..and has no good news..and wanted to say anything that would sound good..truth be dammed...

just shows how low the UPA can me they know this news is false..but want to take people for a ride..this is not an is intentional misinformation to create a better image for the govt....

Anonymous said...

The problem is Saraswat is not fired yet ...

No one ever have been ...

Joy said...

DRDO is a scam organisation. Basically everything it does is just a scam. These nothing honest and serious about DRDO. It is failed organisation that is wasting tax payers money peddling snake oil, advertising non existant products and touting non existant achievements.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Saraswat ,

I feel this is your opportunity to hit back at those who are paid by agents of Foreign arms suppliers are who are on their payroll.

First clarify what you actually said and try to deliver that before what you promised.. This has to come with references.

Ask your people to work very hard and make it happen before time as prestige of all of your team is at stake.

Write an article with most up to date information as to what parameters were achieved in Agni and comparable Chinese , British , French , Russian and American missiles.

Get the IOC for LCA this year no matter what it takes and fly the Tejas Mark 2 prototypes with older version of GE 414 engine and replace the newer engine and make modifications as required and as per IAF feedback.

I know some slimy people have challenged you you just show what you can and shut them up once and for all.

I know how complex and difficult to design and carry out missile missions and I bow to you and you have the self respect as you are an accomplished academician.


Ex ADA said...

Well, can't blame the DRDO. If the Air Chief goes on record calling the Tejas all sorts of names (three-legged cheetah, anyone?) without basis, and everyone quickly decides to jump on the bandwagon badmouth the ADA/DRDO for their efforts, the DRDO would actually be justified in its view of "we" being a bunch of idiots.

They are playing the same game the Air Force is... never acknowledge achievements, unleash a volley of insults every time something goes wrong, (even if it isn't DRDO's fault... like Russia not supplying engines for the Sitara), and underplay the home-grown system at every opportunity while slobbering all over glossy phoren brochures and sooted-booted white-skinned salesmen. The media does its bit justifying this spoilt-child-like behaviour.

What can poor ADA/DRDO do? Blast the Air Force for waking up from a deep slumber and suddenly demanding the moon? Excoriate them and the MoD for the lack of *any* sort of vision? No, it won't work. So they amplify the good news; it is all they can do.

That is why I (and many of my friends) quit DRDO. Not because of the work culture there or the politics that the bureaucrats play. Yeah, that happens, but it was never a big deal to us. We quit because we knew that our work would never be appreciated, that no matter how hard we worked or how innovative we were, we would always be spit upon and the systems we developed would never see the light of day except as prototypes and LSPs, that we would never be allowed to compete on a level playing field with the likes of Rosobornexport and EADS. I jumped ship, and am far happier working for a foreign competitor in an environment where our work is truly given its due.

Now, when I speak to the IAF, the same officers that treated us like dogs couldn't be more polite and considerate. Because I work for a "white" company, see, and am therefore infallible!

Anonymous said...

Real truth everyone tries to hide is..

The character of people in our Government Institutions.

We wont progress ever in anything.
We are dumb & corrupt.
We are filthy & dirty.
We have big stomach & eat hourly.
We wont do anything other than getting money for told job.
We are every where in INDIA.

These persons are working in most of our government institutions.

Mr. Ra said...


Anonymous said...

What a load of crap.
You quit because the IAF was unable to recognize your glorious achievents?
Give them a break. Having happily bulked up your resume on govt expense, you jumped ship at the first opportune moment to get paid a nice fat USD equivalent salary, and now sit in the comfort of your AC environment taking potshots at all and sundry from your cocoon.

Having worked in the organization you claim to have come from, I have a lot of respect for those who still slave away to try and make something of the project. The product is undenaibly good. The issue,which seems to be happening far too often in indigenous weapon systems, is the gap between conversion of a good prototype into a fair production model. This is something you cannot blame the IAF for, ADA programme mgmt and our beloved HAL must step up to the plate and take ownership. The IAF has a legitimate for a system that works in the field. Too many reviews have passed now with too many promises broken for the AF to treat all pronouncements emanating from pgm mgmgt with anything but suspicion. The AF is desperate for a M21/23 replacement, and would grab the Tejas if it fit the bill. But, it doesn't meet spec, and in its current state is not supportable on the flight line.
You do the armed forces a great disservice by accusing them of cozying up to the whites. They just need a good product...just give it to them and see.
As for DRDO, there in no R&D left in the organization - it has degenerated to being a middleman for import of foreign technology with zero transfer.