Gaffes-a-Plenty On LCA Tejas

Strange how the establishment belts out embarrassing gaffes on the LCA Tejas at a time when it is seriously floundering. First, DRDO chief VK Saraswat went and embarrassed himself by stating recently that the LCA Tejas was to be inducted into the Indian Air Force this year. Now, the UPA government's report to the people on its achievements says that the "induction of the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas in the Indian Air Force" was a "major milestone during the year" (see Times of India report, left). Better still, the report mentions this phantom milestone alongside such actual ones as the testing of Agni-V and Agni-IV. Now, here's the thing: data for these reports is invited from each government department, and you can be sure that this is a paragraph provided to the Prime Minister's Office by the DRDO itself. I'm just wondering what they think they're doing, and whether they still believe we're all a bunch of idiots. If the LCA Tejas programme is having trouble and is still on course, why muddy it further by patent falsehoods? I'm sorry,  this is plain embarrassing, and it's a lesson the DRDO never learns.

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