Nirbhay Angst!

The overwhelming interest in the Nirbhay was expected. :) The calls/texts/comments I got expressing everything from outrage to ridicule to befuddlement and dismay were very entertaining. I'd just like to reassure everyone -- Like I said in the post, I'm one of the people who hopes the Nirbhay looks nothing like the artistic impressions that I had made. If it does, it'll be one of the clunkiest, quaintest weapons we've ever built. It was only a bit of guesswork based on what we know so far. I truly hope what we dont know about the Nirbhay dictates all its philosophies. And that's why the post title is question.  We know literally nothing meaningful about how the weapon looks. But hopefully we'll know more soon. I do know for a fact that the post did its rounds in DRDO labs -- now either the folks there laughed, or they scratched their chins and said hmmm. Thanks to a lot of ADE people who chose to keep their comments obscure -- I appreciate your inputs :D

More fundamentally, is the Nirbhay one system or many? Is the Nirbhay primarily a cruise vehicle or a high-speed target system -- with a solid-fuelled rocket stage and a turbofan. Information on the latter suggests a system that will be deployed from ships and heavy transport aircraft using an Israeli sensor/seeker. Remember there are two other stand-off cruise weapons that don't have a name -- the Indo-Israeli air-delivered munition (ADM) for nuclear strike and the long range supersonic cruise missile, revealed first here on Livefist. Could the Nirbhay pertain to more than one weapon system? A series of cruise missiles? We don't know that yet either.

Oh, and the Arjun Mk.2 piece goes up tomorrow.