Sunday, July 29, 2012

Apache, Little Bird Tour Tomorrow

Off to Mesa, Arizona for briefings by Boeing on the AH-64D Apache Block III and AH-6 Little Bird, and a tour of the facility. The Apache is poised for an expected win in India's 22 attack helicopter competition, but curious about the inclusion of AH-6 in our tour programme. Will know more tomorrow. Stay tuned. (For those who may not know, I usually livetweet from locations and briefings -- what goes up here on the blog later in the day is usually in addition to what I've tweeted.)


Anonymous said...

Heard lot about AH-6 Little bird. It is similar with out cheetal copter and can prove a good replacement for our weaponised lancers.

Indian said...

Thanks for Great Fffort and Updates.Keep Up the good work!

Have few queries regarding AH-64D Apache Block III..that's on offer to Indian Armed Forces.

1.What's the technical differences..that is offered to India vs the version US forces are using(I mean Apache Block III versions Offered to India and US one..will it have all 26 key new-technology insertions incorporated in this new Block III version)?

==Does Indian version will have same Long-Bow Mast Mounted Radar and ALL Nose Mounted sensors ?

==Does Indian version will have dual-mode Hellfire II Long Range missile ?

==What's the India's total cost(Approximately)of the 22 Attack Helo Program? and Is there any proposal/possibility to UP the current number of 22?

==India has not signed End-User-Verification-Pact with US...So how it has impacted high tech sensor/hardware deliveries to India?

Take Care,

A Journalist writes..and any common citizen Reads and Believes that as Ultimate Truth!

Anonymous said...

AH-6 are used by US Special Forces for years

Anonymous said...

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