Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Indian Boomer Arihant For Sea Trials Soon

India's first indigenous nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Arihant will commence sea trials "in the coming months", Navy chief Admiral Nirmal Verma said today. "We're pretty close to putting her to sea. In submarine design, there's an element of unpredictablity. It's a hugely complex exercise. Sometimes, unexpected problems do come up. But I can say that in the next few months, she'll be ready for sea trials," he said. Separately, late last month, the Prime Minister gave away awards for indigenous technological excellence, which included one to DRDL scientist A.K. Chakrabarti for his "outstanding contributions in the successful development of the first Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile System (SLBM) for the nuclear powered platform ‘ARIHANT’."

Photo / DPR Defence


Anonymous said...

In India months refers to decades. So the term 'next few months' means 'next few decades'.

Joy said...

We need more super quiet nuclear boomers. And we need to integrate long range SSLBMs with the boomers.