New Nag Carrier Botches Trials

The July trials of an improved version of DRDO's Nag missile carrier (NAMICA) at the Mahajan Field Firing Range (MFFR) in Rajasthan have ended badly, say reports. Apart from most of the missiles under test failing to hit their targets, the tracked vehicle also "underperformed", wire service PTI quotes unnamed DRDO officials as saying. It also quotes DRDO spokesperson Ravi Gupta as saying the trials were a "partial success". I've spoken to sources who confirm the report.

The NAMICA Mk.1 (seven have been ordered), tested by the Army between 2007-10, had certain deficiencies while operating in high ambient temperatures.
The Army then demanded a host of changes on the improved Mk.2 platform (of which they intend to purchase at least 200 if it meets all requirements), including reduction of all-up weight to 15 tons, improved reliability of missile launcher platform drive mechanisms, provision of higher-resolution target acquisition sight for the gunner, enhanced user-friendliness in acquisition of target through reduced offset between sight and missile seeker-acquired target scene image, improved amphibious performance, and provision of a target surveillance and acquisition sight for the crew commander.

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