Friday, September 21, 2012

1st Indian-built Catamaran Survey Ship Inducted

Navy Statement: The Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command, Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha commissioned INS Makar into the Indian Navy today.  Makar is a catamaran hydrographic survey vessel and is the first of its kind to be inducted in the Indian Navy. The vessel is indigenously built by Alcock Ashdown Gujarat Ltd. The primary role of the ship is to undertake hydrographic surveys, required for production of nautical charts and publications aimed at improving navigational safety at sea. Makar is equipped with an array of modern surveying equipment and also undertake limited oceanographic surveys towards providing marine environmental data.

The ship is propelled by four Cummins engines as well as two bow thrusters. The ship has two survey motor boats. Her equipment outfit for hydrographic survey includes Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for closer investigations, advanced Electronic Positioning System, Multibeam Swath Sounding Systems and Sub Bottom Profiler. She also has a full range of the latest oceanographic and land survey equipment.

Accommodation for six officers and 44 sailors incorporates advanced ergonomic design and ensures crew comfort and space management. The ship has enhanced Indian Navy's already existing world class sea/ocean survey capability.


Anonymous said...

hope they use these vessels for surveying........ because many vessels of coast guard and navy are getting rusted in their respective bases

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

One step at a time...Rome was not built in a day

Anonymous said...

Gud show!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 7:49 PM

Rusted... umm.. can you give any specific example???

Few are rusting because of unavailability of spare & other repair related issues, etc. But none are anchored at the base in working condition and RUSTING!!!

sents said...

Indigenously made, looks good.

Shiva Gopal Reddy said...

Hey guys, I just want to remind you that the word catamaran was derived from Tamil word kattumaran. The design of ships by two hulls was first invented by Indians. It wasn;t until Britishers arrived in India that they realised that ships can indeed be built on two or even three hulls.

US is already building trimaran (three hulls) combat ships. I think India should experiment with catamaran and trimaran combat ships, which have some advantages over monohull ships. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Man that ship looks fantastic,and all the pessimist who always keep doubting their country and their abilities,its right their to see for themselves.our defense industry is as good or even better than others.

Anonymous said...

... Alcock Ashdown Survey Catamarans are a series of six 500 ton Aluminium hulled Hydrographic Survey Catamarans being built by Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat) Ltd at its Bhavnagar shipyard for the Indian Navy. The ships are based on Sea Transport Solutions design part of Austal group, Australia... good we build on this... congrats...

pankaj said...

good step but make another ship like missile boat who also have in paki buy from china

Edith Canon said...

Congrats to the Indian Navy. It's a great looking ship. They must be proud of what they have built. This goes to show that India has more credibility despite of it being a third world country.

maverick said...

now this is money well spent.

Richard John Jordan said...

fantastic ship! how much do you spend on that ship? I like the design of your ship.

Anonymous said...

fantastic ship! how much do you spend on that ship? I like the design of your ship.

underwater hull cleaning said...

I salute those people who repair ship.

Ship Surveys said...

Great!!! Ship in India. You are the first two showing this post I am now regular user of this site actually i love ships like this

Anonymous said...

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