HAL Reveals Model Of Indian FGFA

In the latest from the Indo-Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) programme, HAL has revealed this 1:15.5 scale model of a modified single-seater, based on the Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA that's currently in flight test. HAL's Aircraft Research & Development Centre (ARDC) has created the flow-through model with 80 components "including  the  dedicated pieces for simulating the deflections of the 12 flight control surfaces of the aircraft", according to recent HAL literature.

The platform is designated 'Perspective Multirole Fighter (PMF)' in India. After the 2010 contract for design of the modified joint aircraft, the government had said, "PMF draws upon the basic structural and system design of the Russian FGFA Technology Demonstrator with modifications to meet IAF specifications which are much more stringent. The broad scope of bilateral cooperation during the joint project covers the design & development of the PMF, its productionization and joint marketing to the third countries. Programme options include the design & development of a twin seater variant and the integration of an advanced engine with higher thrust at a later stage."

More information on the PMF/FGFA cooperation in this Sukhoi release from 2011.

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