Friday, September 14, 2012

Indian Micro Air Vehicle Competition Announced

The National Programme on Micro Air Vehicles (NPMICAV), a DRDO-NAL joint effort, has announced MICAV2013 -- a national competition that kicked off in April 2013, open to industry, laboratories and colleges/institutes to build micro-air vehicles (MAVs).

The stated objective of the competition: "Bring out the capability of vehicles and technologies being developed in the country for performing a defined mission using multiple MICAVs (Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, Flapping Wing and combinations) and Unmanned Ground vehicles (UGVs)."

The stated focus/thrust areas are: "Communication, Precise Navigation, Sensor Capabilities, Video Transmission, Multi Vehicle coordination, Cooperative flying, Vision based manual flying through windows."

I met a lot of really talented folks at Def Expo earlier this year, and they'd asked about the competition. More details about MICAV2013 requirements, contacts etc, here.


Anonymous said...

I think this will be the ultimate AURA ucav.

Anonymous said...

I think college and other university level research institute can deliver better product then drdo ...

Anonymous said...

shiv where is your report on pinaka mbrl..i am waiting for it ...please post it....

Anonymous said...

Shiv just went through the news in some dailies & learn't there will be delay in handing over of INS Vikramaditya to India.

rishi said...

Hey Shiv,

Here's a link to the new Chinese J21..thought you'd like a link since you haven't posted it yet:

Anonymous said...

Udao Udao ....aur idhar INS Vikramaditya ka schedule aur bhi delay hone ko laga hain ! I doubt that piece of junk will ever see any active service let alone take part in any action ! E' sab kya ho raha hain ?

Prodyut said...

Very good news if the assessment is also fairly done!Pl.ensure
Casting the net wider is what DRDO needed to do right from the word go.

The Soviet foundations of world class technology was laid in the 1920s when glider and light plane design competitions by DOSAAF identify creative designers like Sergei Ilyushin and Alexandr Yakovlev.

I now hope ARDB/DRDO will hold light aircraft design competitions with funding for the selected winners to go to prototype stage.

Light aircraft to Tejas may seem a big leap but this is an "optical" illusion.The quantity of "wisdom" required in a good light aircraft may be small but it has to be of the same Quality as for a "Tejas"

Anonymous said...

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