Indian Micro Air Vehicle Competition Announced

The National Programme on Micro Air Vehicles (NPMICAV), a DRDO-NAL joint effort, has announced MICAV2013 -- a national competition that kicked off in April 2013, open to industry, laboratories and colleges/institutes to build micro-air vehicles (MAVs).

The stated objective of the competition: "Bring out the capability of vehicles and technologies being developed in the country for performing a defined mission using multiple MICAVs (Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, Flapping Wing and combinations) and Unmanned Ground vehicles (UGVs)."

The stated focus/thrust areas are: "Communication, Precise Navigation, Sensor Capabilities, Video Transmission, Multi Vehicle coordination, Cooperative flying, Vision based manual flying through windows."

I met a lot of really talented folks at Def Expo earlier this year, and they'd asked about the competition. More details about MICAV2013 requirements, contacts etc, here.

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