AgustaWestland Denies Using Middlemen In Indian Deals

AgustaWestland issued the following statement a short while ago. (For context and coverage, see the previous few posts):

AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, firmly denies the recent press news reporting alleged use of agents or intermediaries by the company in its contractual relationships with the Indian MoD and/or with any other Governmental body involved in the procurement of its products. Such press news are completely baseless and untrue.

AgustaWestland never appointed, formally or informally, Guido Haschke or Mr. Christian Michel as its agents and/or intermediaries in the VVIP programme. Therefore the company never paid any commission to them.

AgustaWestland is astonished that such press news report about a memorandum which is unknown, directly or indirectly to the company and is related to a programme different from the VVIP one. Even more AgustaWestland has been excluded from that tender as non-compliant with the bid requirements.

AgustaWestland confirms its relationships with the Indian MoD have always been conducted through the official channel, in line with all applicable rules.

It is true that the company has been informed on the preliminary investigations by the Public Prosecutors of the Court of Naples declared incompetent by the Procuratore  Generale of the Italian Supreme Court of Justice (Corte di Cassazione) as requested by the Company. Such investigations are anyway at preliminary stage in which, in accordance with the Italian Law, there is no participation by Company‚Äôs lawyers. AgustaWestland is sure that the ongoing legal proceeding will ascertain that the conduct of AgustaWestland has always been fully compliant with all applicable Italian and Indian rules.

Praveen Bakshi, the CEO of Aeromatrix, a company that Swiss businessman Guido Haschke is a director at, has issued the following statement today:

With regards to the various news reports published in the print media and electronic media, I Praveen Bakshi seek to clarify that there is no involvement of mine or of the company Aeromatrix of which I am the principal officer, with any defence dealings and particularly that of the VVIP helicopter purchase by the Govt of India.

I manage the day to day affairs of Aeromatrix which is involved in provision of virtual engineering support services. The company which started with 50 employees today has about 70 employees on its roles. All business transactions of the company with its customers are completely accounted for and transparent.

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