RFP Out To Honeywell For New IAF Jaguar Engines

On October 15, the Indian Ministry of Defence sent out an RFP to Honeywell Aerospace for the F125 IN turbofan to re-engine the Indian Air Force's fleet of Jaguar deep penetration strike aircraft. The RFP puts down a requirement for 270 engines (for 125 Jaguars + additional). Honeywell won by default after Rolls-Royce punched out of the competition last year with its Adour Mk821 offer.

The IAF is keen to conclude the engine deal quickly to keep pace with the rest of the Jaguar upgrade programme, already delayed. The F125 IN was first demonstrated to the IAF in Bangalore five years ago in 2007.

In 2009, while announcing the F125 IN's participation in the IAF competition, Honeywell had said, "The engine is projected to save the Indian Air Force more than Rs 7,000 Crores ($1.5 billion) in life-cycle costs compared to other upgrade options being considered. The F125IN permits the Jaguar to perform missions never before possible with the current engine."

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