Monday, December 10, 2012

First Upgraded MiG-29s For IAF Arrive

MiG Statement: JSC Russian Aircraft Corporation MiG (part of the United Aircraft Corporation) began to supply upgraded MiG-29 fighters to the Indian Air Force. The first three aircraft are delivered to India by An-124 transport aircraft. Modernization significantly extends the range of tasks performed by MiG-29. The upgraded aircraft, along with increased capability to fight air targets, acquire the ability to strike ground (surface) moving and stationary targets with precision weapons by day and night and in any weather conditions. [Upgrade deal signed in March 2008].

The maiden flight of the upgraded MiG-29UPG took place on February 4, 2011 at the airdrome of the Flight Research Institute named after M.M. Gromov. The contract provides repair and modification of aircraft for the purpose of extending the life up to 3,500 flight hours and service life - up to 40 years. Developments of the RAC MiG can significantly extend the life cycle of MiG-29, which was proven by the experience of modernization in a number of countries.

General Director of JSC RAC MiG Sergei Korotkov said: "The aircraft delivery, upgraded in Russia - is the first step in the contract execution for the modernization of a large fleet of the Indian Air Force MiG-29s. We are getting ready for the second phase of work, which provides modernization of fighters in India in close cooperation with the Indian industry".


Mr. RA said...

Good news. That was the call of the day.

Anonymous said...

3500 flight hours , so it stays for 40 years only if there's a one hour flight every 4 days? :P

Centurion said...

There is a thing called "overhaul" or "depot level maintenance". The 3,500 flight yours figure is until such treatment is required, after which it can fly for another XXXX hours or serve for another XX years.