Monday, January 21, 2013

Aero India Spotlight On Unfinished Chopper Bid

At Aero India 2011, Eurocopter displayed the AS 550 C3 Fennec, its contender for the Indian Army / IAF reconnaissance and surveillance helicopter (RSH) competition. This year,  its competitor Kamov will display the Ka-226T Sergei, according to that press release.

The timeline of this competition so far provides a better sense of just how delayed it is:

  • July 2008: Indian MoD issues RfP to global vendors -- this is the second RfP after the first competition was scrapped following certain deviations by contenders.
  • Dec 2008: Technical and commercial offers submitted by contenders.
  • Nov 2009: MoD calls for field evaluation trials.
  • Jan 2010: Field evaluation trials commence - Winter trials in desert & high altitude in Phase 1 during Jan-Feb 2010, Maintainability evaluation trials in Phase 2 during March 2010, Evaluation trials in deserts and high altitude in Phase 3 during May-Jun 2010 and finally, Role and mission systems trials in Russia and France during Phase 4 in Jan 2011.
  • Jan 2011: Army and IAF submit trial report to MoD.
  • Feb-Dec 2011: General staff evaluation and vetting of the trial report submitted by the Army and IAF
  • Jan 2012: MoD orders Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) to validate the General Staff Evaluation report
  • April 2012: MoD orders Special Technical Oversight Committee (STOC) to validate the TOC report.
  • June 2012: STOC submits its final report to the Defence Secretary.
Last checked, the MoD hasn't opened commercial offers yet, and a decision remains pending. Last month, the two contenders -- Kamov and Eurocopter -- were asked to renew their commercial offers for a record fourth time.

The Army is reported to have appealed to the MoD for the fourth time recently to speed up the process and make a decision. MoD sources suggest that inquiries into alleged corrupt practices in a separate deal for AgustaWestland VVIP helicopters (deliveries of which have begun) have slowed a decision on the 197 copter bid.


xxi said...

With respect due respect to the army and air-force and navy and MOD and HAL , and I hope someone is listening....plz plz scape the tender and invite MD helicopters so set up a manufacturing base for south Asia . all their products have dual civilian use , they cheap , reliable and proven and highly customizable

Ashmann said...

Just buy into the AS550 for the Army & AS555 for the Navy.

Get licensed production for roughly 300 of these helicopters. And break up HAL to create a new derived company exclusively for helicopters.

Anonymous said...

The use of interchangeable mission modules in Ka-226T makes it a more flexible design , also it has got a higher service ceiling and the coaxial rotors impart greater agility... however i'm skeptical about the russian delivery schedule

nikdash said...

Both look ancient machines...Can we not 'downsize' dhruv to do this job ?