Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ahead Of Debut Firepower Demo, Tejas At Aero India

A full-scale mock-up of the LCA Tejas twin-seat trainer variant will be on display at Aero India. Two fighter variants will participate in the show -- one on the flightline display and the other flying.

An Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) statement on the Tejas ahead of Aero India 2013. Of course, it has a few exaggerations:

The Tejas development programme which is in the advanced stage has completed Initial Operation Clearance (IOC) requirements [not true -- it has yet to complete IOC-2 requirements] and continuing system performance towards reaching Final Operations Clearance (FOC).

Tejas has completed 1986 flawless flight trials till date: Cold Weather & High Altitude Trials at Leh and Pathankot / Hot Weather & Weapon Trials in the Desert Terrains of Jaisalmer & Uttarlai.

LCA will be participating for the first time in the air power demonstration Iron Fist. There, it will demonstrate the capability of swing role in weapon delivery, performing both air-to-air and air-to-ground operations.

Indian Air Force (IAF) has placed production order on HAL for 40 LCAs and production activity is under progress.

LCA’s other variants include two-seater LCA-Trainer and LCA-Navy with capability of taking-off from Aircraft Carrier Ship as well as Ship Deck landing capability with Arrestor Hook Recovery System being incorporated. The Naval Version of Tejas made is maiden Flight in the previous year (27th April 2012). This is a significant Mile Stone in the History of Indian Aviation, in Designing a Naval Variant of a Fighter Aircraft. The Naval Variant is getting ready for ski-jump trials from Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF) at Goa.

Initial work has also been stated on future programmes like Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft and Unmanned Air Systems.


prabhat kumar said...

shiv....plz post some video of tejas weapon trial.....

Devendra Kumar said...

Hi shiv i am big fan of livefist blog.please continue your work as usual...its grt to see your blog..
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Anonymous said...

Shiv, if you read carefully, the statement says that the IOC requirements have been fulfilled. Do you have details of the requirements yet to be fulfilled. Please provide the details - otherwise you will be seen as an agent of foreign equipment suppliers.

Anonymous said...

real pylon never used in tejas why,nlca flown 4 times ,have they scrapped it

Parthasarathi said...

Trials , trials and more trials. When we'll have one squadron of operational ready to fight Tejas ??? Probably that day will never come.