Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Indian Navy For New Medium Range Anti-Ship Missile

BrahMos fired from Indian Navy destroyer | PHOTO / BRAHMOS
The Indian Navy has announced its interest in acquiring an unspecified number of medium range (at least 120-km) ship-launched anti-ship missiles for new and existing platforms.

Full details of the requirements here [PDF].


Anonymous said...

why do they need 120km
brahmos will do the job

Anonymous said...

when they r goooing to sign the deal and shiv any kick backs ha ha

Rohan said...

Soooo either

- They are secretly unhappy with the Brahmos and are looking for a backdoor replacement
- They are happy with Brahmos and are simply going through the motions of public tendering due to pressure for transparency.
OR and this is my personal opinion
- They have woken up to the logistic and practical challenge of integrating a monster missile onto their diverse platforms without sacrificing too much tonnage and space.

Anonymous said...

Gents, look at the requirement specs.

Based on the weight requirements (not exceeding 1 ton per missile), it is likely meant for smaller, corvette type vessels. Bramhos would be too heavy for this role. Quite surprising as I thought this role would be filled by the KH-35.

Anonymous said...

Instead of vanning all over the world , Indian armed forces , who do a lot better if they bought sub- strategic equipment from vendor already in the country like saab or dcns , because not only it make relations stronger , but a new vendor won't have addressed .

tako nada said...

we rhappy2 buy foreign made product.desi brahmos is enough.

faujibrat said...

The time between announcing interest and actually acquiring is measured in terms of decades.

Subho said...

Shiv, this is off topic but wanted to sound out nonetheless. The need of the hour is for a thoughtful and balanced journo like you to do a detailed piece about the languishing and worrisome delay in completion of ongoing negotiations with Dassault on the Rafale deal.
Is it truly in jeopardy as some defense journalists have been reporting lately ?
While I understand that the minute details are perhaps classified,we need to hear a balanced and detailed write up on where they stand and what the sticking points are and whether its just a matter of time or is it dedalocked to a point where this cannot move forward as it stands at the moment and the only hope is to re-open dialogue with the L2 bidder EADS for the Eurofighter ?

Anonymous said...

What??? @ 5.53

what i meant was ,instead of buying foreign made/assembled product, why don't we start a production line , like bharmos or su 30.

I mean availability of stores, help complete a mission . platforms aren't enough .

imagine a su 30mki squadron , running out of ammunition or extra laser pod in middle of strike sorties .

Vidar said...

They should choose the Naval Strike Missile, NSM:


Sasura said...

Seedha bolo na ki Amreeka Bahadur se Harpoon-wa lena hai.
Roosi Kh-35 Uran hai to already hai itne hi range wala. Tab phir 120 kilometer wala missile ka kawno jaroorat pad gaya hain ji?

E ka goos lene ka dukaan kola hai ka kangress walal sab?

E sasura sab ghuskhori ha hadde kar diya hai.

Anonymous said...

Actually the missiles is meant for the older platforms. I studied in another blog. If they do not need brhamos means why they set up a manufacturing plant in kerala. First see the difference they asked for 120 km missiles . They should replace the older missiles with these of particular range

Anonymous said...

Anyone knows how many parts go into the su-30MKI. How many are now made within the country and how many come from abroad?

Anonymous said...

Why go for only 120km range, when 250km range missiles
are available?
Probably to suite Exocet,Harpoon entry?

Anonymous said...

The norwegian naval strike missile sholud be a strong contender as it has additional signature reduction measures however it might fail to meet the minimum criteria which asks for active radar seeker...the NSM uses a imaging infrared seeker like the popeye stand off missile....also it is both short legged and immature compared to harpoon,kh-35 or the exocet whose maximum ranges are respectively about 280, 260 and 180 kilometres in their latest versions...