Unfinished Indian Deals Keep MBDA On Toes

MBDA entered Aero India on a fair high. With a tidy deal for MICA missiles in the bag as part of the IAF Mirage 2000 upgrade package, the company is now looking to close a few more deals quickly. The PARS 3 LR stand-off anti-tank weapon competes to arm the Light Combat Helicopter and Rudra against the Israeli Spike family of weapons. The ASRAAM (shown here in its intended over-wing configuration) is squared off against the Israeli Rafael Python-5. And 10 days from now, MBDA's Mistral system (yes, that's me scoping the system out) will be in Ladakh for cold weather trials alongside two other contenders -- Russia's Igla-S and Saab's RBS 70 NG -- towards the Indian Army's huge $6-billion VSHORADS requirement. MBDA is, of course, also closely monitoring progress on the MMRCA negotiations. A contract there could be one of MBDA's largest ever.

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