Livefist Wins DefenceIQ Blogging Award 2013!

Happy to report that Livefist has won the DefenceIQ Blogging Award 2013! Your blog was chosen from eight worthy blogs shortlisted for this year's award. As always, I feel totally undeserving of accolades, but let me say that it's your readership, love and interest in Livefist that makes it what it is. If it wasn't for those, I probably would have let the blog languish. I know many of you have written to tell me that the frequency of my posts has gone down -- and there's no denying that. It's been a tough few months workwise, but like I've been saying, I will be bouncing back soon. The award is a worthy and timely reminder that Livefist is so much more than I could ever have possibly imagined for it. Thank you DefenceIQ, and thank you once again to all.

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