Thursday, August 15, 2013

40 Hours After Explosions On INS Sindhurakshak, Hope Fades To Black

Indian Navy statement: Navy divers have entered INS Sindhurakshak late evening 14 Aug and efforts continue round the clock to ascertain the status of the 18 trapped personnel who were inside the submarine at the time of the incident.

Trapped personnel have not yet been sighted or recovered. The diving efforts are hampered by poor visibility inside submarine (which is filled with water), extremely restricted spaces and displacement of most equipment from their original location. The heat of the explosion has melted parts of the internal hull deforming the submarine hatches and preventing access to compartments.

Heavy duty pumps are being used to pump out the water from the submarine. There has been large scale ingress of sea water into the submarine due to the explosion.

Diving and salvage operations are continuing round the clock.


Anonymous said...

ssems like the sub is a total waste!! have they raised it yet????

G.ELANGO said...

V need 2 rmbr the sacrifices of the valiant sailors and god save them.govt shld place order for 12more subs with a.i.p import as well as build local 2 speed up the process.weak submarine arm is vry dangerous

Anonymous said...

After a glorious launch of Homegrown IAC, Navy faces with such a tragedy. Really after hearing emotional news on soldiers killing in poonch & INS Sindhuraksha's explosion we the citizens our nation INDIA must realize that "Behind our success there is a sacrifice of many soldiers who have safeguarded our nation at any cause".

Really sad on INS Sindhuraksha's explosion :(

G.ELANGO said...

V need 2 speed up buying atleast 3 D.S.R.V. so that if anything happens like dis v can rescue our sailors instead waiting for help.