Thursday, August 01, 2013

Launch Of India's 1st Indigenous Aircraft Carrier On Aug 12

India's first indigenous aircraft carrier, lead ship of the new Vikrant-class will be launched on August 12 in Kochi. The ceremony will be presided over by Defence Minister AK Antony's wife Elizabeth. The ship is scheduled for commissioning into service towards the end of 2018.

This picture of an impression of the ship was at a briefing on the programme and other warship projects held today by the navy (which I sadly missed because I was chained to the studio).

The Vikrant-class ship will sport the Indo-Israeli LR-SAM (Barak-8), which will also arm the P-15A (Kolkata-class) destroyers, the first of which are to enter service next year.


Anonymous said...

this is huge.. Congrats Team..

Anonymous said...

It’s a good day when any country launches it’s own indigenously built aircraft carrier. Mark’s India’s entry as a maritime power and provides a global footprint.

On the delays, I keep repeating that our sense of handling a project of this magnitude needs to be professional. Years of delay in unheard of in today’s professional competitive world.

Vinu Varughese Oommen said...

why isnt there any proper CIWS system other than the BARAK 8, i mean systems like khastan or phalanx, and why in the world is every world class warships in most navies have just one phalanx or khastan, i mean in a major naval battle, airstrikes and missiles can come in all sides, one phalanx cant take out all of them, i dnt get the logic at all, such expensive warships thy all build and have much less close in weapon systems, remember the movie BATTLESHIP, when the alien warship fired all the explosive rounds on the US Destroyer, the phalanx couldnt take out all the rounds, or even in the movie SUM OF ALL FEARS, when the russion tu22s fired a volley of criuse missile at a US Aircraft carrier, the single phalanx system couldnt engage all of them. One single cruise missle is enough to make a major damage. One CIWS in one side cant defend all sides of the ship.

alma said...

Vinu: Life!=movie

CIWS effective range is ~4km and has to fire a ~2-3sec burst against any anti ship misille. It takes another ~2sec to find a new target then start another ~2-3sec burst. So when a hypersonic misille (~750m/sec) comes in then in real life 1 ciws can destroy 1 misille. When the missille is hsubsonic (harpoon) then it can destroy maybe 2.

This is the reason.

victor raj said...

Wow. That's big for any country Indigenous aircraft carrier. We need six of them - Out of them 3 should be nuclear powered.

Sohom Dev said...

to Vinu Varughese, Guess u r spoiled with holly flicks , in reality carriers is a part of a battle group , it means , carriers dont sail alone but is accompanied by frigates , destroyers , submarines which sanatise the place where the carrier is moving and brings a security umbrella to the carrier from external threats. It means in case of attack to the carrier , frigates ,destroyers with their own armaments will neutralize the threat first.

Ralph Doss said...

That is one of the greatest thing that India have ever had. By the way that was truly beautiful.