Reactor Goes Critical, 1st Indian N-Sub Ready For Sea

Great news overnight: Its 83MW pressurized water reactor finally going critical, India's first indigenous nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine Arihant is finally ready to leave harbour and enter a phase of sea trials in the Bay of Bengal.

With ballistic missiles and air delivery in place, the Arihant and its sister boats (India plans to build three, with the second hull already ready) will form the final leg of India's nuclear deterrent triad.

Congratulations too all scientists on the Arihant programme, Indian Navy DRDO, Dept of Atomic Energy and Shipbuilding Centre, Visakhapatnam. Shano Varuna!

The Indian Prime Minister made the following statement a few minutes ago: I am delighted to learn that the nuclear propulsion reactor on board INS Arihant, India’s first indigenous nuclear powered submarine, has now achieved criticality. I extend my congratulations to all those associated with this important milestone, particularly the Department of Atomic Energy, the Indian Navy and the Defence Research and Development Organization. Today’s development represents a giant stride in the progress of our indigenous technological capabilities. It is testimony to the ability of our scientists, technologists and defence personnel to work together for mastering complex technologies in the service of our nation’s security. I look forward to the early commissioning of the INS Arihant.

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