Scrap With IAF Aside, HAL Trainer Development Throttles Up

It's been a rough couple of weeks for HAL. Then again, they deserve a kick in the rear every now and then. Their well-known scrap with the IAF chief apart, the company is depending on the MoD, its parent government ministry, to ensure that its trainer programme doesn't go to waste. Sure enough, the development programme powers on with the supreme confidence of one that has assured orders at the end. And hopefully it will.

Last checked, HAL has tenders out for a raft of systems that'll go into the HTT-40, including angle of attack system, engine instrument & crew alert system, primary flight display units, integrated standby instrument system, hydraulic utility packs, hydraulic pumps, air data probe, total air temperature probe and vapour cycle cooling system.

Well, like HAL said in its statement earlier today, "the matter is before the competent authorities".

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