IAF Responds, Will 'Correct' Lifted Squadron Logo

Just in from the Indian Air Force from a senior officer tells me Western Command Headquarters (which governs the Hindon Air Force Station) has seen Livefist's post here earlier this week, and recognised that there's a problem with the 81 Squadron induction patch logo. They've also said that "corrective measures" will be taken shortly.

There have been lots of different things said in the comments section. I have only a few quick points to make:

1. A squadron deserves its own unique identity, one that doesn't borrow motifs, words or imagery from anywhere else. Nothing explains it.

2. That this is not the squadron's official crest is obvious. It's only a logo. But to consider plagiarism alright in a logo sported by an entire squadron on its induction day is far from okay.

3. The IAF makes great efforts to involve young people in its activities. It is planning a new videogame to attract youth. It is planning new campaigns to raise awareness about the IAF as a career. What it could easily do for even the smallest things like logos for squadrons is hold a national competition. Invite entries from around India within a set frame of guidelines. Lay down the rules. Get people involved. Just knowing your design made it as a squadron logo would be reward enough. It would raise awareness about the IAF, the specific squadron, about the aircraft, and about the people who run the IAF. And remember, none of this involves more money. Several officers I spoke to, including my friends at 81 Sqn, agree.