New IAF Squadron Logo Lifts From Vin Diesel Film

If this patch pictured above is in fact the IAF's new Boeing C-17 squadron's logo/insignia, it's a rip-off (that's right) of the Vin Diesel movie xXx from 2002. See:

So, the LXXXI is a slightly laboured 81 in Roman. So? Why lift a design when you could have made your own, especially since that's public money you're spending making this stuff?

It's like the guys at 81 Sqn who designed this thought, "Hey, I remember that cool Vin Diesel flick and how they drew the title. I should think of something that slick... Oh, screw it, let me just take the damn thing, who remembers that movie anyway."

Do the designers of this emblem/logo know how serious an issue plagiarism is, and what the consequences of such an action could be? Did they think this would simply be considered an 'inspiration'? Is it okay for one of the world's most professional air forces to let stuff like this happen? Don't think so.

Either way, we're talking about stolen goods. Not a great way to start a brand new squadron, with a talented and formidably hard-working group of officers wearing a proud patch that's centred around a plagiarised emblem. Why couldn't the IAF, for instance, have held a logo competition? Or gotten a professional agency to do it for them? Even a professional government agency that wouldn't charge them anything? That's public money being spent on an identity that's lifted from a Hollywood film. Thoughtless, unnecessary. The implied questions are far more worrying: does it confirm a disturbing lack of awareness about intellectual property, and the consequences, fuelled by a pervasive societal culture of piracy?

I have friends in 81 Squadron, and they agree that calling attention to this is the right thing to do. The IAF and its men deserve better than what appears to either be a resounding error of judgement, or complete lack of awareness. Difficult to say which is worse.

UPDATE (Sept 2 / 19.05HRS): The Indian Air Force called today, accepted the assertions in this piece, and made the following 2 points that I'm placing here for the record: 1. The logo used in the patch is only a 'first cut', was decided on by the squadron together, and that will not be part of the 81 Squadron's official crest which is currently under preparation by the Air HQ. 2. Internal squadron funds were used for these patches, and that no "public money" was spent on them.

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