Monday, November 11, 2013

Cool Historical Footage In IAF's Official 81st Anniv Film

Here's the Indian Air Force's official 81st anniversary film. Some pretty nice historical footage in it, some of it never seen before. Apat from some unforgivable snafus that find pride of place (including fan art masquerading as the FGFA and MMRCA) and the lazy use of still photos instead of moving pictures in several places, this video has some nice new images never seen before. Umm, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Apart from the awesome historical footage it's a sad and bad video with a 5th rate script and a C-grade voice over. Why won't the IAF use professionals to do this? :(

Anonymous said...

Its an excellent video presentation. Enemies have to think twice before embarking on a misadventure.

Parthasarathi said...


Please write some more on Tejas front. Have read some where that IAF. will accept 20 ( one squadron) Tejas if she can clear IOC 2. Is that correct ??


Anonymous said...

whose voice is this man..
Fed up with this nonsensical booming voice.. same voice for cadbury choclate, Britannia biscuit, Grasim suits, vivaldi suits and now IAF ...

this guy should be kicked so his throat block comes out..

please ..have a woman with sweet voice give her voice.. it will be more brilliant.