Thursday, November 14, 2013

Off To Russia To Welcome Vikramaditya!

Have just arrived in Russia to report the INS Vikramaditya commissioning ceremony on November 16 at Severodvinsk. Will be reporting for my network, of course. Lots of reports, photos and videos here over the next few days. Will also be live-tweeting the event, in case you'd like to keep up with the whole thing real time (Follow buttons below).


Singam said...

Finally.....the day has arrived when Viki will be induted into the INS.

Shiv, good to see you back. I think things were hectic of late. You have a great time at the commissioning ceremony. I wish I could be part of it too.

Will be on logging in to see the reports, pics & videos.

All the Best! God bless India.

Mr Singh said...

Good Luck Shiv, needs loads of pictures please.

Parthasarathi said...

The photo is superb !!