Saturday, November 23, 2013

Three Indian P-8Is In One Frame

All three in one frame: A nice shot from Boeing of the Indian Navy's third P-8I taxiing in at INS Rajali in South India to join the first two, currently in the middle of flight trials. Five more expected on the current 2009 order -- with an order for four more to be signed soon.


Anonymous said...

Would like know its weapons that it can carry and its hunting capabilities of submarines.

Anonymous said...

Historically the naval LRMR have all been stationed at INS Rajali. P8i also would be stationed there. But looking at what happened at PNS Mehran where terrorost attacked Pak Base and destroyed 2 P3C orions. IN should look at deploying these valuable assets at 2 or 3 places. Now that IN is going to have 12 LRMR.