Saturday, December 21, 2013

Images From IOC Day For LCA Tejas (Part 2)

Photos by & courtesy Rahul Devnath


Anonymous said...

Can anybody pl tell the correct weight of LSP 8 or MK 1 to be produced.

Anonymous said...


Can anybody please tell the weight of MK to be produced?


Abhiman said...

A very historic and a watershed moment in the history of Indian aviation !

Tejas also has the distinction of being the smallest fighter in the world, and the most advanced in the class to boot !

Tejas' roar must now be heard across the world in Air shows / exhibitions such as Farnborough, and Paris Air Show.

What can I say ? Tejas makes all Indians very proud. May it replace each and every MiG in the IAF very soon, and serve India for decades to come.