BIG STORY: India Cancels €556m VVIP Chopper Deal

For the first time ever, India has scrapped a military hardware contract. Less than a year after the Indian government suspended a Euro 556 million deal for 12 AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP helicopters, the deal has finally been formally cancelled. Execution of the deal was frozen mid-course in February with the delivery of three helicopters, currently in a hangar at Delhi's Palam air force station. A formal statement from the MoD has just been issued:

Most of us reporting the story have heard for months that the MoD and Law Ministry have agreed that there is enough evidence and material to suggest that AgustaWestland violated the Integrity Pact embedded in contractual document, as mandated by the Defence Procurement Procedure.

Big day. Lots of speculation and details coming in. Will update this post later today. Oh, and have a great new year, all!

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