Saturday, February 08, 2014

Tata Motors Unveils Home-built Frontline Combat Vehicles

These two have been getting a fair bit of attention at Defexpo this year. Posting the official descriptions of both below:

The KESTREL is a Wheeled Armored Amphibious Platform, designed and developed indigenously with DRDO, for optimised survivability, all-terrain performance and increased lethality. The occupant capacity of the hull is 12 members. The driver in combat mode has visibility through 3 periscopes and a display catching vision through front and rear view cameras, with day and night vision. The back to back seating layout allows firing through the 3 gun ports on each side, with two big hatches for patrolling. The fuel tanks are placed outside the crew compartment for additional safety. The 8X8 independently suspended vehicle has high power-to-weight ratio for mountain terrains. The vehicle can accommodate different variety of weapon stations and turrets as the application demands.

The LAMV is developed indigenously with technical inputs from Supacat of the UK, for vital reconnaissance mobility, protection and firepower. A light patrol vehicle, the LAMV combines an integrated blast and ballistic protection system, including a protected all composite detachable crew pod and V-shaped hull, providing an all-round protection. Carrying a crew of six (two+four) and using the latest composite and ceramic armour systems, the crew pod is constructed as a separate module, sealed off from potential secondary projectiles. All seats are mine-blast protected. The LAMV has exceptional all-terrain high mobility performance, high power-to-weight ratio, automatic transmission, all-wheel independent suspension and can reach speeds of upto 105 kmph. The vehicle is also loaded with modern equipment for observation, surveillance and communication, configured to also address urban warfare, engaging threat on all terrains.


maskman said...

second vehicle looks great

victor raj said...

These home built ones are more than enough for protecting 0ur borders. Don't put it into direct competition with a foreign vendor. It is just sense less to compare. Imported toys may offer some advantages, but it is not good for a country's growth. So just buy all the home built systems.

ivan said...

Wonderful, i wanted India to built such vehicle after looking at special forces using their combat vehicle.

ROBINSON said...

Finally, an Indian company is taking initiative to learn new military tech.