Thursday, May 22, 2014

A New Livefist!

The Indian national elections are over, and the country will have a new government in place starting Monday. I'd wanted to spring-clean the Livefist look for a while, and I'd been prodded by many of you to give it a bit of a facelift. I'd put it off too long. With poll season complete, I finally have much more time to blog. And will. In the meantime, while I've sent out word for professional help on an all-new blog design (that I hope to roll out in a month), I'm tinkering a bit for the transition to make Livefist a bit easier to read and navigate. It could look clunky every now and then as I try new stuff out -- do please bear with me. Thanks for your patience, your readership, and your faith in Livefist!


Anonymous said...

All the very best shiv.

- mig driver

prashant said...
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Anonymous said...

Looks good. But you'll need to change the text-color in the CSS for a:hover. Can't see the text on hover.

Anonymous said...

welcome back shiv.

Sadanandam said...

Shiv I am can see few updates from you, compared to other blogs of your kind. I am following your blog since 4 years. but I felt the past 12 months and more your updates were less. I thought its because you felt that one award is enough and you don't want to get one more. But my wishes to you for revamping your website. All the best and do better than earlier days.

vijay A P said...

The new website looks good and very less update from your livefist when compared to other similar web sites. More that the look of the website I prefer to get back to previous livefist's amount of updated which thrilled me to check livefist first every time I try to user Internet. Because I know there will be something new every time I check Livefist. But now its a different story. I really wish to get the old experience backup.

Note: Please update the hyperlink color to a much darker color and again when I hover the mouse on a hyperlink the hyperlink goes white, which is unreadable when highlighted.

Thank you.

Shiv Aroor said...

Thanks folks. Do keep the feedback coming. Promise to go back to the post-everyday Livefist you loved! My apologies that I've slipped in recent months. Mostly because of my day job. But will be sharing some news about Livefist soon, hopefully. Thanks for your love and attention!

Anonymous said...

give wordpress a spin. very versatile & there are awesome themes too.

select a theme which makes it visible on all form factors ( ipad, desktop monitors, phones ) without any area wasted at the sides. ( widescreen ).

wordpress is also ideal for e-mail alerts


Vayuad said...

The new look is fantastic

Shubham said...

All the best Shiv! Looking forward to more of the insightful posts from you!


Call Sign - Spyder said...

Hi Shiv,

Text is super readable now. Comfortable on eyes.

Good job.