Tuesday, May 27, 2014

'Modernisation Priority, Expect Full-Time Def Minister In Few Weeks': Jaitley

India's new 'caretaker' Defence Minister Arun Jaitley has just taken office. After clarifying earlier today that it was only a transitory additional position until a full-time Defence Minister was appointed shortly, he has revealed that such a decision should be expected in the next 'couple of weeks'. Be that as it may, he's got plans. And his work cut out.

Speaking to journalists a short while ago, Jaitley said he was "concerned" about the slow pace of decision-making under the previous government (the M-MRCA and several other contracts remain possibly adrift).  'Modernisation will be my top priority,' he said, in what will calm a lot of anxiety out there. Interestingly, he said that the issue of FDI in defence had come up at a morning meeting, when he took over his chief charge as the country's Finance Minister.

"I will be coming to the MoD every day to clear the backlog and take decisions. This is a very important ministry. Expect a full time minister in a couple of weeks," Jaitley said.


vijay A P said...

MichaelHayden message you got Mr. Satish Chandra is from some crack pot.

If USA can make Parliament members selection for India then why are they struggling to stop India from further developing ICBM or Nuclear weapon.

Just for the record, CIA will never contact a person so openly where the entire world can see what CIA is doing.

sandhya said...

Congrats to Jaitley.