First Photo Of India's N-Sub 'Arihant' During Harbour Trials

Indian television station NDTV has scooped this first ever photograph of the country's first indigenous ballistic missile submarine 'Arihant' during the harbour trials in Visakhapatnam. This happens to be only the third photograph of the Arihant in existence, though many journalists (including myself) witnessed the full launch ceremony in 2009.

In August 2009, friend and colleague Sandeep Unnithan scooped the first ever photograph of the Arihant. A year later, I happened to put out the first public photograph of the Arihant here, furtively published by the government in an official document. The photograph above, scooped by NDTV, is only the third.

The Arihant's reactor went critical almost exactly a year ago, since which time the boat has been put through harbour acceptance trials. She'll move out for sea trials later this year.

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