Friday, November 28, 2014

Most Detailed Official List Of Indian Navy Accidents In Last 3 Years

The Indian MoD just put out this list in Parliament, detailing 24 'naval vessel mishaps' since 1 January 2011:


Anonymous said...

One every two months!. Is the training sub standard or are the standard operating procedures being compromised. Or is it a combination of both.

How about some stats on the IAF and the results of those enquiries? Might make the navy look good.

Indian Sentinel said...

Tejas navy back in air after six month grounding.

Abhinav Singh said...

Yes.. Any info on IAF, Army and Coastguard incident stats ?

Anonymous said...

@del - Hmmmmmm that's not a list the navy is going to be too proud about.

I see that disciplinary action was taken against men who were found culpable. But the buck stops with the Captain of the vessel.

The finding point to clear drop in quality and SOP's.

System overhaul....nothing new to forces around the world, but needs urgent attention.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know a retired Commodore who sports a F-16 lapel pin. When I queried him on the choice of the aircraft, he replied a little smugly "Naval Aviation". I let the matter drop there and then, praying silently that the boys in the navy deserve better leaders than the likes of him. Post retirement, he's working in the corporate sector and the only thing he does excellently is 'brown nosing.'
The navy certainly needs to set higher standards.

Anonymous said...

To - Anonymous@5:03PM

@del - I can imagine what must have gone through your mind at the response you received.

Completely agree with you that standards have to be high for the leaders. Penalizing junior officers and other ranks is not going to get the navy anywhere.

On a lighter note. Just imagine if he replied, "Top Gun" :-))))

Gentleman - Have a nice week ahead!

Kalpesh said...

Navy and Air-force operation requires very high science education standard and then they get treated like animal herds without reason. It it how brain works, a gymnast need so precise physics(not body, the science subject) and calm mind that their coach advise their family not to talk anything in their presence that result in emotional occupation of mind. Modern Navy and Airforce are comparatively new branch of warfare (highly depended on technology know-how) and their training and pear culture is derived from Army training.
Not that anything is wrong with Army standards but is ill-affective in Navy.