Indian Army Killed 6 Pak Terrorists In High-Altitude J&K This Week; Here's What They Were Carrying

The Indian Army says it hasn't seen better equipped terrorist infiltrators in all it years of operations in Jammu & Kashmir. Between December 1-3, in an operation codenamed Jatti Gali for the forbidding forested nook at 14,000 feet in the Naugam sector of Baramulla, soldiers of a Garhwal Rifles unit took out six 'foreign' (the Army's euphemism for Pakistani) terrorists. The terrorists had Swiss-made snow clothing and boots (with crampons) and were carrying more weapons & equipment per man than ever encountered before. Among their kit was a huge quantity of grenades, batteries, ammunition for assault rifles, digital navigation consoles, wire-cutters, satellite phones, snow boots and a large quantity of high-energy food.

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